It's All Claudio's Fault

Last week I began using Australian grown Hazelnuts in my Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Darl Bars. This was a momentous occasion because I’ve been on the hunt for Aussie grown hazelnuts for ages, so I was over the moon to finally find them. 

They're grown in north-western Victoria under the watchful eye of 3rd generation farmer Claudio, who's father Enrico founded the farm in 1974 after moving to the region from Northern Italy. Enrico was among the first farmers to bring hazelnut growing to Australia. After the hazelnuts are harvested, traditional milling techniques are used to press the hazelnuts into a flour that’s high in protein, fibre and flavour. Perfect for making our Hazelnut Darl Bars.  

Thanks to Claudio, my latest batch of Darl Bars are the most hazelnuttiest ones I’ve ever made. Laura and I have been enjoying them so much that we've even considered keeping them all to ourselves. It’s not our fault though, they’re just too damn tasty.

chocolate hazelnut nut bars