4 ½ Fun Facts

  1. The name Thanks Darl comes from how Laura and I call each other darl. As in:
    Laura - “Darl, what’s for tea?”
    Me - “We’re having dahl, darl”

  2.  Our cavoodle Rafi is our CTT (Chief Taste Tester) and he’s eaten more Darl Bars than any dog on earth.

  3. All of our Darl Bar experiments are cooked in my portable oven named Henry. He’s my muse.

  4.  One day I hope to write a biography chronicling the adventures of Thanks Darl which will be turned into a movie starring Chris Hemsworth as Henry the Oven.

  5. If you hop on 1 leg and recite Thanks Darl 3 times to the tune of your favourite David Bowie song, Darl Bars will fall from the sky
Raf, Laura and Joel