How We Make Our Darl Bars

One of our favourite times of the week is when we get to create Darl Bars, so we thought we’d share a bit about what goes into making them.

It all starts with sourcing the best ingredients we can. We mostly use Santos Organics, a not-for-profit food co-op in Byron Bay. Everything they sell is organic and we find their seeds and spices are the freshest of anywhere we’ve tried.

Once we have all our ingredients, we measure and combine them according to our top-secret recipes which we do in Mullumbimby. We have a cute little scale named Martha that does all our weighing for us. Once we’ve got everything mixed up in buckets, we head to the commercial kitchen where the real fun begins.

The kitchen is surrounded by trees and overlooks a pond in the Byron hinterland. There wouldn’t be many kitchens like this anywhere else in the world. After taking a moment to enjoy the scenery and do a little Darl Dance to welcome a successful day of baking, we get to work on the days mission – to make 1,000 of the most darlectable Darl Bars we can possibly make.

We load our ingredients into a giant mixer and watch as it transforms into a fragrant Darl Bar batter. Once it’s all mixed up, we roll the batter into nice flat slabs and cut into bar sized portions before loading into the oven to bake to crunchy, melt in your mouth perfection.

When they’re just right, we take them out and leave to cool before bundling them into packets where they start their journey towards fulfilling their Darl Bar Destiny – filling hungry bellies.

When you’re enjoying a Darl Bar, take a moment to remember the journey it’s been on to get to you. It will make it taste even more darlightful.

Rolling pin making gluten free muesli bars             organic australian sunflower seeds


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